Infant Program: Our Miniapple Infant Care Program specializes in the nourishment and development of movement, independence and language while providing a safe and supportive environment for your infant to play and grow.

Toddler Community: Our Toddler Program provides a safe, educational setting for your toddler to learn and explore. This program features developmental practices as well as group games, music, arts and crafts.

Children's House: The Children's House serves as a friendly learning space where children can explore a variety of educational topics such as history and geography while enjoying interactive group and physical activities to ensure a safe, enjoyable summer.

Private Kindergarten: Our state-recognized Private Kindergarten offers a safe and personal learning environment designed to encourage education through a variety of academic subjects and areas.

School Age Summer Program: Our Miniapple Summer Program ensures an exciting, safe and active experience for your child. Our program encourages physical activity as well as arts and crafts, music and academic studies.