"We love the extra curriculum offerings (French, yoga, music, soccer) and the winter and spring programs.  Lee is great, very easy to work with, and the fantastic staff - Reshma and the other staff all are so warm and great with the kids."

"This is our attempt to put into words the profound appreciation we have for you, your work, and for the environment you created for our son at Miniapple.  It was a difficult decision to have him enter preschool, but we knew he needed an environment that would nourish his creative spirit, ignite his intellect and provide positive interactions.  What we didn't realize is that we (his parents) also needed a place of comfort and stability, where we could feel confident in our parenting and support our son's development.  Each day, the staff greeted our son with an embrace and shared words of confidence with us.  I remember leaving each day with a heavy heart, but feeling assured that Campbell was safe and in a place where people genuinely cared about him.  To each Miniapple staff member, we owe tremendous gratitude.  Specifically, we want to acknowledge Lee for her consistently professional, gracious and accommodating manner, Barb for her ability to foster Campbell's passion for music, Danielle for her solid and reassuring presence, Erica and Jamila for their amazing ability to immediately connect with our son and bring joy to his work, and Niza for sharing her peaceful and profound yoga practice with our budding Yogi.  Thank you most of all to Wangmo and Najat, who modeled and taught peace, patience and perseverance - Campbell is a better person as a result of his time with you.  In fact, we are confident in stating that we are better parents and a more whole family as a result of our time with all of you at Miniapple.  Merci beaucoup!" - Lisa & Steve

"As we reach our last day with Miniapple, I would formally like to thank all the staff who have worked with our three children over the past eight years.  We have appreciated so many things about the school.  The Diversity:  I believe this deserves a capital D, as Miniapple International truly lives up to its name.  I believe this is a special mission of the school that has been intentionally nurtured.  Both staff and families represent countries and languages from all around the globe.  This diversity shows itself in multiple perspectives and range of ideas that are presented to the children every day.  I also believe diversity shows itself in the relaxed and considerate relationships that staff have with the children.  The teachers have nurtured our children through some awkward behavioral periods, and maintained a positive attitude and empathetic approach at all times.  We really had an opportunity to consider each child's strengths and interests.  There is a strong energy that comes from loving what you do, and from doing it well.  I feel that kind of energy at Miniapple.  Miniapple International Montessori has been one of my favorite schools.  The leadership has been tremendous.  We will miss your learning environment.  You have something that is very special and unique."- Stephen Hegarty

"I want to thank you for the place you all have built for all the children who are lucky enough to come into contact with Miniapple!  We feel truly blessed to have found such a perfect fit for Isa and our family.  The community you have built is truly a gift!."- Carrie

"All of our boys have benefitted tremendously from attending Miniapple.  Whether they were struggling with some issue or showing how well they could do something, the teachers at Miniapple have been there to support and guide all three of our guys.  I just cannot say how important Miniapple has been in their growth and development.  Thank you for all the love and caring you have showered over my boys over the last eight years."- Jennifer

“I do not know how Miniapple compares to other Montessori schools, but I do know the relief I felt after Rory started.  About a month into it, I simply could breathe much more easily!  The way in which respect for everyone is shown here let me know we had found “the right place.”  It became so clear to me this year that Kindergarten belongs with preschool and not with primary school.  I have been told and have read that Maria Montessori recognized this, and it made sense in my mind.  But it was not until I saw the development/transition unfold, did I understand how closely connected these two groups are.  For Rory to have left without completing the Kindergaren year (at Miniapple) would have been premature.  He has been transitioning all year at his own pace and it has been wonderful.  I feel he is much better prepared for life with older children and peers.  And his enthusiasm for learning is so exciting to me.  I have loved the Montessori approach to child development and learning.  I wish we had started him at Miniapple sooner, but am thankful for the time we have had.  How lucky we are!"- Sarah

“Nurturing environment allows children to develop according to their abilities.”- Abigail Pribbenow

“Anna (4) came all the way from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Miniapple.  She didn’t speak a word of English and it was her first preschool experience.  It turned out to be a great adventure.  With help of very patient and kind teachers, and the useful method of teaching they use at Miniapple, Anna has a wonderful time.  Within a couple of months she speaks fluently English and loves to go to school.  She especially likes music class, reading, and the French classes.  Our challenge is right now to keep her Dutch understandable.”- Irene

“I like all of the extra learning opportunities Miniapple offers…French, yoga, music, field trips, soccer.”- Kari Cornell

“Very friendly, wonderful play areas/playgrounds and curriculum.  Wonderful”- Kirsten Webb

“Community, quality of staff is what I see as major strenghts of Miniapple ”


" Since 1986, I have been teaching music to young children in more than 200 early childhood programs and schools through my creative children's music program, Sound Beginnings. I started teaching Sound Beginnings at the three Miniapple Montessori Schools in 1993. The children at Miniapple are part of a true community of learners, and it is a real pleasure to be involved in their growth and development.  Udi & Mithula have created an exceptional school in Miniapple Montessori. Their dedication, professional ethic and visionary leadership have made Miniapple a model in the early childhood field. I have consistently been impressed with the quality of staff, with the rich learning environment for children, and the respect and support given to families in all 3 schools. The teaching staff, the families enrolled and the curriculum content all reflect the diversity of cultures around the world. I have the utmost respect and admiration for all that they have accomplished at Miniapple, and for their deeply-rooted values reflected in the many ways in which they have given back to communities, both locally and globally, over the years." - Barb Tilsen

"We wanted to share with you all what a fabulous experience our family has had with all of you.  It has been a joy to watch our children grow under your care and we will miss seeing everybody.  Thank you for all you do every day!" - The Schumanns

"Thank you for everything you all have done over the years for Caden and Kama - and for us as parents.  You all have given freely of yourselves to our children - and all children - and they are all richer for it.  We'd like to extend a special thank you to Veronica, Mary Jo, Vanessa and Jaci as Caden and Kama's teachers and aides, as well as Lisa (the most creative toddler teacher in town!) for being directly involved on a daily basis with our children.  We will sincerely miss our Miniapple family, and we thank you for helping us give Caden and Kama a great start in life." - Pat & Vija

"We've realized just how lucky we are to feel so good about the care both of our sons get from everyone here.  Thank you for this fantastic environment you create for our kids & for your important work!" - Kathie & Jessie

"The last seven years you have been so wonderful and caring to our two children.  We can't think of a better place to have brought our kids through these very special years.  The kids have many great memories, and so do we!" - Laura and Bob

"We have had a wonderful experience over the past 4 1/2 years at Miniapple.  Many thanks to the superb teachers for caring for our children so well.  Our children have learned skills that will help them throughout their lives, and have developed loving, trusting relationships with the staff and other children.  This has been a joyful journey for our family and we are ever so grateful." - Kerry and Michael

"Thank you for making Miniapple Montessori such a successful and fun program.  Henry has learned so much, developed many lasting friendships, and grown into a responsible young man.  Henry especially liked your high fives and tickles.  You made him feel welcome and loved." - Michelle

"We are so lucky to have found you, and it was a wonderful place for Ivan.  We appreciate your kindness, expertise, and everything you do." - Jennifer

“There’s nothing better than dropping your kids at school and seeing how excited they are to be there.  And when they come home, they are so proud to show what they learned!  We can’t think of a better place for our girls.”- Mark and Trish

“Our child reaches out to her teachers, which is a great feeling!  She smiles when we say their names and goes to the door when it’s time to leave our house.  We know that her teachers all love her and care very much about her safety and happiness.” - Mary and Mark Barsness

“Both of our children, one quite shy, and the other quite outgoing, have thrived at this school.  The supportive, dedicated staff and excellent teachers create an inviting and stimulating space where each child is nurtured and encouraged.”- Kerry Morgan

"We have been at Miniapple for over 6 years now.  We have had 2 children grow and learn there through the toddler and preschool program.  I could not have imagined a better experience for my children or for us.  Miniapple not only totally prepares children for their future education, but also gives them a very warm, caring environment in which to do so.  The leadership and teachers at the Roseville Miniapple are first class!  We would highly recommend Miniapple to anyone looking for more than just a "daycare".  I am sure your children would blossom here; ours did!"- Angela & Brent Branson


"Our oldest son, who is now 6, started at Miniapple (MIM) when he was 5 months old. Our youngest is 1.5 and has been there since he was 4 months old. I cannot begin to express how much we love and appreciate MIM. MIM is filled with loving, caring, brilliant and responsive leaders, teachers and staff. As infants, our sons received the love, attention and care that all babies should receive. As they moved to the toddler room, they continued to receive the same great affection and care, but were also introduced to toddler-appropriate educational activities.  This prepared our oldest to continue his educational and personal growth endeavors in the pre-school room. It can’t go without mention that the pre-school was filled with loving and caring teachers. When he left MIM for kindergarten, his level of preparedness was off the charts.  He could read, do advance math, he can problem solve, he LOVES geography and science, and most importantly, he learned that he was part of a bigger world. We are also incredibly appreciative of how responsive the Director and teachers are. Anytime we had a concern about something our child was doing or something that was going on with him – they ALWAYS responded immediately and we worked together as a team to figure out exactly what he needed and they always followed through on their end of whatever we planned. MIM always has great ideas for teaching kids – recognizing that all kids have a different method of learning. They provide us with endless education and tips on how to be better parents. And, honestly, they make us feel like we are the most important family in that school. I know for a fact that they make each and every family feel the same way! We consider the Directors, teachers and staff to be part of our family and we will forever be indebted to MIM." - Jennifer Kraus

"The entire staff has been amazing and Connor simply adores everything about the school (as do we!).  We can only hope to find such a great staff and facility in Montana.  We will miss the smiling faces and warm feeling we get each day we come to the school.  Each person has touched our lives in some way and helped get Connor off to a wonderful start in his scholastic career." - Tanya & Steve

"We love Miniapple!  Although our son has only been in the Infant Room, we think the world of Miniapple and all the staff there.  Everyone is friendly, kind, and wonderful with all the kids.  Having your first child is hard, and bringing them to a daycare even more difficult.  Miniapple and the staff in the Infant Room made that transition easier on us.  The warm, nurturing, loving environment makes us happy we can bring him to a wonderful place.  We've even learned a lot about being (better) parents from bringing our son to Miniapple.  Kudos to Mary and Priscilla in the Infant Room - they are excellent, so loving and great with Isaac." - Mindi & Mike

"Ms. Kiehne, How can I put into words the gratitude, the comfort, the peace of mind you have given me the last 3 years?  Knowing I left my son in your loving care every day has made such a hard thing to do so much easier.  You were like a second mom to him, as well as a teacher.  Your kind, gentle way with him and his classmates leaves us parents feeling good about our choice in leaving our most treasured gift in your care.  Not only did you open their eyes to all of the fundamentals of school/education, you have taught them the invaluable lessons of life...love, humor, manners, manner, and more manners, respect, compassion, and did I say manners?  You will always hold a special place in both our hearts." - Sandra

"We are so pleased with our decision to send our son to Miniapple.  Whether it has been the Infant or Toddler Room, our family has felt welcomed and treated as part of the Miniapple family.  Ryan has developed and progressed faster than we had expected, and he absolutely loves coming to school every day.  In fact, on weekends he often talks about his teachers and friends.  It is a safe and nurturing environment.  When we are at work, we are confident our son is receiving top notch care.  We would recommend Miniapple to anyone looking for a first class child care program.  In the future, without hesitation, we will continue to have Miniapple be a part of our family." - Amy & Pat

"Thank you for allowing me to bring the students in my class, Administration of Early Childhood Programs, to visit Miniapple Montessori.  Some of the comments included:  'The teaching styles were so amazing and unique.  I believe that the children who attend would definitely learn great responsibility for their own learning and for taking care of themselves.  Everything in this center was very nature oriented which is extremely important and allows the children to experience the world around them!' 'The director seemed very personable, and the center was laid out in a way that was very welcoming for parents and children.  I liked how the center let the children work at their own pace.' 'I was absolutely in love with Miniapple Montessori.  I love the idea of education being individualized based on the child.  It was such a warm atmosphere and the children seemed to genuinely enjoy their schooling.  I would want to be a part of this school because of the rewarding factor of seeing the children become independent throughout their years there.'"  - Judy Gifford, Director, Child & Family Study Center, College of Education, University of Wisconsin - Stout

“I toured and researched at least a dozen Montessori schools.  You are clearly the best of the best and I wouldn’t want my kids anywhere else!  Even throughout our first year you continued to impress us.  We will cry if either Ms. Monica or Ms. Prarthana leaves before all of my kids finish Kindergarten!” – Gwen Rossini

“Ms. Kiehne and Ms. Tara are wonderful teachers and do a great job with Madison.  They are both very nurturing and caring with the children and provide an excellent learning forum.  I also very much appreciate the fact that this school does such a good job retaining their teachers – it makes me feel that much better as a parent knowing my daughter is in good hands.  Thank you for all you do!” – Stacy

“Teachers can make all the difference in the world.  The kids spend so much time there!  The MIM teachers seem to love and care about what they do and about each child.  Even teachers from other classrooms (Children’s Houses) know the names of kids not in their class.  For me, I can’t say enough about Ms. Marie!” - Stella Appiah-Kyeremeh

“We’re impressed by continued improvements to Miniapple in addition to the excellence we saw when we first started 1 ½ years ago.  When we tell our child he is going to Miniapple in the morning, he’s comfortable and receptive to the idea, which let’s us know he’s happy there.  He comes home with positive new skills we know he didn’t learn at home.  Thanks so much, Miniapple staff!! – Oakley Biesanz and Leonard Madsen

"Our two girls, ages 2 and 4, have been fortunate enough to attend Miniapple Montessori since they were born.  In addition to the Montessori teaching style, one of the factors that drew us to Miniapple was the teacher tenure.  Anytime you have teachers in a child care/development environment with 10-15+ years experience with the same organization, then you know that the ownership is focused on taking care of their talent as well as that of their students.  Ultimately, our girls are the ones who have decided that Miniapple is their home.  They look forward to playing with their friends and have a warm and caring relationship with their teachers.  As a parent, it is comforting to know that our girls are receiving high quality care, and we have truly enjoyed the experience with our Miniapple family." - Greg Poul

"We cannot sing enough praises about your school!  Emma really blossomed in the Kindergarten program under the gentle guidance of Ms. Marie.  She has had the very best foundation possible and is now well prepared to enter 1st grade in the fall.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and Ms. Deb.  We shall miss you all, especially Ms. Marie - it is because of teachers like you that our children are successful." - Bob and Brigitte

"Miniapple Montessori is a wonderful school for our children. Our son started at Miniapple when he was 3 months old, and continued on until he was 6 years old. Our 2 year old started when she was 5 months old, and she is now in pre-school at Miniapple. Our children always receive the best care, and we have not had any worries or concerns when we drop them off every morning. Even when our son had some medical issues, we felt comfortable that the staff would take the very best care of Nash at all times." - Kelley